Share anything instantly

Share contact info, social media, and more – all on the same page.

Fully customizable

Build and customize your profile to represent you and/or your company

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Social media

Share with anyone

Instantly share with anyone by using your profile’s QR code or unique URL. Works on any device and they don’t even need the app!

Company branding

Display your job title, company and company logo.

Nexus Features for Business

Insightful analytics

Monitor your profile views, form submissions, and more through our built-in analytics page.

Lead collection forms

Add forms directly to your profile to collect names, emails, phone numbers and more.

Payment buttons

Add links to your CashApp and Venmo to easily receive payments.

Calendly integration

Enable people to book meetings with you directly through your profile.

Manage your contacts

Keep all your business relationships stored in one place.

Marketing Integrations

Collect marketing data by integrating your Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics, and Snapchat Pixel directly into your profile.

Embedded music players

Share songs/albums on your profile through Spotify, Apple Music, and SoundCloud

Embedded videos

Display YouTube videos directly on your profile

Embedded photo gallery

Showcase meaningful photos on your profile through a customizable photo gallery

Embedded maps

Help profile visitors easily navigate to a specific location by adding a map to your profile