How to Create a Digital Business Card with Nexus

The utilization of digital business cards has become increasingly common, which seems natural given their efficiency and sustainability. Digital business cards are extremely flexible and are often free. Additionally, they are always with you on your phone, so you’ll never need to worry about running out or ordering more.

Digital business cards are easy to make – it only takes a few minutes. If you’re looking to add some wow factor to you/your company’s first impression, moving towards a more ecologically responsible lifestyle/business plan, or simply searching for an affordable digital alternative, we recommend for you to consider a free digital business card app, like Nexus.

STEP 1: Create a Free Account

Download the Nexus app!


After you have downloaded the app. Follow the steps on the screen to create an account. Enter your full name, job position and company, add a profile photo, then setup your account details. 

STEP 2: Add Information

Now that you have created your account, tap the “Add Content” button on you screen and a list of sections conveniently organized for you to place your content will appear.

  • Add your personal contact information such as phone number, email, and website.
  • Add social media links or handles for Instagram, FaceBook, Twitter, SnapChat, LinkedIn, and more.
  • Add your preferred payment apps such as CashApp or Venmo.
  • Add a photo gallery and link your photos directly to any relevant webpage.
  • Add a video by simply copying and pasting the link for your chosen video and it will be directly embedded onto your digital business card.
  • Add a music player by copying and pasting the link to your chosen song/album/playlist for Apple Music, Spotify, and SoundCloud.
  • Create lead collection forms directly in the app to embed onto your digital business card.
  • Integrate Calendly into your digital business card and easily schedule meetings by adding the Calendly link.
  • Add an embedded map to your profile by simply typing in the address of your desired location. 

STEP 3: Customize Your Digital Business Card

After adding your information, you can now customize your digital business card. Tap the “Edit” button to open up the card customization screen.

On this screen you can change your name, job title, company, location, profile photo, logo, and the accent colors of your card. You can also turn on dark theme which turns the background of your digital business card black. 

At the bottom of this screen is where you will find the area to reorder your sections. Simply tap and hold the three bars on the left hand side of the section titles and drag the sections in whichever order you’d like. 

STEP 4: Share Your Digital Business Card

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